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Rachel Flowers and Akeem Flowers

Rachel Flowers of Boston, Massachusetts was married Saturday, July 27th, 2013 to Akeem Flowers of Boston, Massachusetts in a ceremony at Boston Sheraton in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Some Wedding Customs Just Seem Weird

Pre-wedding crises arise in all nations. Solutions vary. Trampling the in-laws, fattening the brides, dead-fish foot-slaps are cures.    Many cultures have had thousands of years to develop remedies for common marriage challenges. Here are a few. Reluctant Groom. If a Korean groom develops pre-wedding jitters, buddies sometimes beat his feat with fish. Read more […]

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Unmarried Birth Rate Continues Dropping

Married people are starting to have more babies as the recession ends. But unmarried people are still holding off. Births out of wedlock don’t carry much social stigma nowadays. But there’s still a big economic penalty, and that’s led some unmarried women to avoid having babies as the jobs recession lingers. The rate of births […]

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Andrea McGrath-Massie and Thomas Traum

Andrea McGrath-Massie of San Jose, California was married Sunday, September 01st, 2013 to Thomas Traum of San Jose, California in a ceremony at Willow Heights Mansion in Morgan Hill, California.

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Brittany Wilson and Bryan Gee

Brittany Wilson of Howell, New Jersey and Bryan Gee of Cornish, New Hampshire announced that they are engaged to be married.

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Changing your Name? Is there an App for that?

You don’t have to change your name when you get married. But lots of people do. Some women take the husband’s name. Some couples choose to combine their last names with hyphens. In gay couples, one member often takes the partner’s name. By any measure, it’s a meaningful decision. It can also cause a lot […]

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