About Us

The Announcement SiteTheAnnouncementSite.com has been developed to carry news of the biggest occurrences in people’s lifetimes. Launched in 2013, the site is initially focused on engagements and weddings. We run the announcement for free and sell advertising on the site.

The site was started  by a veteran newspaper reporter, and it operates like many other Internet based news operations. Editors on the site gather information and photos, write up a story and publish it.  Almost all the content is gathered from people who want to make an announcement. The combination of professional editing and information directly from the principals involved in the story is designed to create an interesting, readable, accurate and credible online newspaper.

TheAnnouncementSite.com also believes in giving back. We have committed to giving 10% of our profits to charity.

Here are the people behind TheAnnouncementSite.com:

Bill BulkeleyBill Bulkeley
Editor in Chief and CEO

Bill is a veteran newspaperman. He spent more than 30 years covering high tech and financial matters for the Wall Street Journal. He’s written stories about everything from IBM supercomputers to wild turkeys attacking people. He came up with the idea for TheAnnouncementSite because he saw that newspapers had stopped running news about individuals. He recalled his early days at the Hartford Courant writing up obituaries and weddings, and how much people cared about those stories.

erinErin Regan

Chief Information Officer


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