Catherine Morales and Gary Mihlbauer Married

Catherine Morales and Gary Mihlbauer Married

Catherine Morales of Norton Shores, Michigan, was married Saturday, August 17th, 2013, to Gary Mihlbauer of Norton Shores, Michigan, in a ceremony held at Elks Campground Beach in Norton Shores, Michigan. The ceremony was performed by Reverend Peggy Foster. 

Ms. Morales, 29, is employed as a cashier for Home Depot in Grand Haven, Michigan. She attended Baker College in Muskegon, Michigan. Ms. Morales graduated Grand Haven High School in Grand Haven, Michigan. While in college, she was on the Deans list.

Mr. Mihlbauer, 40, is employed as a Mortgage Finance Broker in Norton Shores, Michigan. He attended Grand Valley University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mr. Mihlbauer graduated from Mona Shores High School in Norton Shores, Michigan.

Ms. Morales is the daughter of Donna Bouchard of Norton Shores, Michigan and Eugene Morales of Sherman, Texas. Ms. Morales’s mother is a Human Resource and safety manager for Foreway Trucking in Coopersville, Michigan.

Mr. Mihlbauer is the son of Maria Wigren of Norton Shores, Michigan.

Ms. Morales has two children, Jose Chavez and Damien Bailey.

It is a third marriage for Ms. Morales and a first marriage for Mr. Mihlbauer.

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