Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage and Engagement Announcements

Q. Why would I want to announce my marriage?

A. There is a long tradition in all societies that a public marriage announcement signifies the creation of a new social unit.  It’s also good news that many people want to read.


Q. Why would I announce my engagement?

A. Announcing an engagement also has a long tradition. In some societies betrothal is a more significant public event than the actual marriage. In an era when many couples live together before marriage, the formal engagement marks a significant change in a relationship.


Q. I changed my status on Facebook to “engaged.” Why do I need an announcement?

A. Many times, most of your Facebook friends don’t know your fiancee, and a formal announcement is a great way to give them some background. A formal announcement also provides a way to share the news with people who aren’t your Facebook friends, such as your parents’ friends and relatives.


Q. I’m making my own wedding page at The Knot. Do I need an announcement too?

A. Wedding pages are often aimed at informing the wedding party or guests at the reception. But you’ll find that there are hundreds of people who aren’t invited to the wedding who will be interested in your big news. Sharing the link to your formal announcement is a good way to inform co-workers, high-school classmates, your parents’ church members.


Q. My parents plan to put an announcement in the local paper. Why would I announce online?

A.  Most newspapers today charge a fee to run wedding announcements. And some require reader registration or place the news behind paywalls. Many of your friends probably don’t read local newspapers. And they may not live in the paper’s circulation area.


Q. I want my announcement in the New York Times. Should I do a separate announcement online?

A. The New York Times runs wedding announcements free, as news stories. However, it only has space for a fraction of the announcements that are submitted. believes all wedding and engagement announcements are important news, and we run them free.


Q. Why are there so many questions in the form?

A.  Many of the readers of the announcement won’t know much about your fiancee. The questions are designed to provide a basic biographical sketch of the couple, including where each of them is from, where they went to high school and college, what they do for work and any notable accomplishments or awards they have.


Q. Why do you ask so many questions about our parents?

A. Marriage shifts a relationship from coupling to a formal joining of two families. An announcement that includes family background is both traditional and useful for introducing your fiancee to your extended family.


Q. My parents are divorced. Do I have to explain that?

A. Your announcement should include only the information you want to share.


Q. I’m estranged from my father who won’t be invited to the wedding. Can I leave him out?

A. It’s up to you. However, failure to mention a parent may raise more questions among readers than it avoids.


Q. How can provide this service free?

A. We sell advertising on the site.


Q. Who writes our story?

A. The form you submit provides information that is turned into a story by our proprietary software. It is then checked and sometimes rewritten by a professional editor on our staff.


Q. Why do you ask for the names of wedding vendors? That’s not traditional.

A. We think readers will be curious what vendors you used, especially if they’re planning a wedding themselves.  We think it’s nice of you to mention vendors you like.


Q. What will you do with our information?

A. Any information you give us will be used in the story we write. That story belongs to us, under copyright, just like any other newspaper story.  We will never share or sell personal information such as your phone number and email address.


Q. Can I upload my wedding photographs for the story?

A. Professional wedding photographers usually retain rights to their work. You need to arrange any uploads with them. It  may be simpler and cheaper to assign an usher to take photos at the reception for use in your wedding announcement. Any photos you give us will be used solely for our news purposes on and related promotional postings.


Q. Will I get solicitations from vendors?

A. We do not sell or share any individuals’ information for direct solicitation. However, advertisers on TheAnnouncementSite and other sites may use cookies that permit them to track you and your activity on the Internet.


Q.  What if I get divorced? Will you remove the announcement?

A. Once a wedding announcement has been made, it will remain online and available to search engines even after any divorce. We will remove engagement announcements if each member of the couple sends us emails confirming that the engagement has been broken. However, we won’t be able to guarantee that copies of the announcement don’t exist elsewhere on the Internet.


Q. Will you use all the information we send in?

A. uses information you provide to write an interesting news story. We reserve the right to create a story from material you give us. You will have an opportunity to make factual corrections before we run the story.  We strive to make every announcement interesting and factually accurate.

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