Hali  Shinn and Jackson Brown

Hali Shinn and Jackson Brown

Hali Shinn of Quincy, Illinois, and Jackson Brown of Quincy, Illinois, announced that they are engaged to be married.

Ms. Shinn, 24, is employed as a Teacher for PACT Head-Start in Mt. Sterling, Illinois. She works as a home-based teacher visiting children and their parents in their homes once a week. She graduated Kaplan University, online.  Ms. Shinn graduated Kirksville High in Kirksville, Missouri. In high school, she was a cheerleader.

Mr. Brown, 29, is employed as a mechanic in Quincy, Illinois, for Canes Automotive. Mr. Brown graduated Payson High in Payson, Illinois.

Ms. Shinn is the daughter of Goldie Shinn of Hannibal, Missouri and Leslie Shinn of Kirksville, Missouri. Ms. Shinn’s mother is a respiraatory therapist for Schuyler County hospital in Memphis, Missouri. Ms. Shinn’s father works in pest control for Big River Oil in Hannibal, Missouri.

Mr. Brown is the son of Beverly Brown of Payson, Illinois, and Jackson Brown of Payson, Illinois. Mr. Brown’s mother is a Secretary for Wis-Pak in Quincy, Illinois. His father died in 1999.

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