Newly Gramatikakis and Ranon Maxson

Newly Gramatikakis and Ranon Maxson

Newly Gramatikakis of Kerrville, Texas, was married Saturday, July 13th, 2013 to Ranon Maxson of Kerrville, Texas, in a ceremony held at Green Valley Bed and Breakfast in Comfort, Texas. The ceremony was performed by Pastor James Wilson. 

Ms. Gramatikakis, 25, is employed as a teacher for St. Peter’s in Kerrville, Texas. Ms. Gramatikakis graduated Tivy High School in Kerrville, Texas.

Mr. Maxson, 22, is in the Navy in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Mr. Maxson graduated from Tivy High School  in Kerrville, Texas.

Ms. Gramatikakis is the daughter of Rebecca Gramatikakis and Nick Gramatikakis.

Mr. Maxson is the son of Kathy Andrews.

It is a first marriage for Ms. Gramatikakis and a first marriage for Mr. Maxson.

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