Sarai Guerrero and Juan Pedro Ojeda

Sarai Guerrero and Juan Pedro Ojeda

Sarai Guerrero of Waco, Texas, and Juan Pedro Ojeda of Fairfield, Texas, announced that they are engaged to be married.

Ms. Guerrero, 22, is employed as a Swing Assistant Trainee for J & C Morin Company McDonald’s in Waco, Texas. She works in the Customer Service Department and cash register operations. She graduated Tarleton State University in Waco, Texas. Ms. Guerrero graduated with honors from La Vega High School in Waco, Texas. 

Mr. Ojeda, 25, is employed as a machine operator in Fairfield, Texas for Mike Daniels Construction,  fixing and replacing underground  gas pipelines. He was previously a cook for Gilbertos Restaurant in Fairfield, TX.   Mr. Ojeda graduated Fairfield HIgh School in Fairfield, Texas. 

Ms. Guerrero is the daughter of Teresa Guerrero and Jesus Guerrero of Waco, Texas. Ms. Guerrero’s father works for Cargill in Waco, Texas. He previously worked as a tank painter for Long Industries in Teague, Alabama. 

Mr. Ojeda is the son of Theodora Ojeda and Pedro Ojeda of Fairfield, Texas. Mr. Ojeda’s mother is a housewife and the  mother of 8 children.  Mr. Ojeda’s father is an operator for an energy plant.

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