Some Wedding Customs Just Seem Weird

Some Wedding Customs Just Seem Weird

Pre-wedding crises arise in all nations. Solutions vary. Trampling the in-laws, fattening the brides, dead-fish foot-slaps are cures.   

Many cultures have had thousands of years to develop remedies for common marriage challenges. Here are a few.

Reluctant Groom.

If a Korean groom develops pre-wedding jitters, buddies sometimes beat his feat with fish. Read more about Korean wedding customs at

Underweight brides

In Mauretania a weighty wife is traditionally a sign that a man is a good provider. Betrothed females are often sent to feed lots where they are fattened up like cattle before the ceremony. The tradition is increasingly controversial.

Irritating In-laws

On the Marquesas Islands in the South Pacific the bride’s relatives are aligned face down after the ceremony while the couple happily tramples over them.

Bride’s Horoscope Reads More like a Horrorscope

When the stars aren’t aligned, what can you do?  India has some very useful solutions.  For example, when women are born under a certain astrological condition – say, Mars and Saturn are both under the 7th house, thought to cause the premature demise of a spouse – they can break the curse by marrying a tree first. The tree is then cut down to break the spell.  Gives new meaning to the phrase “tree hugger.”

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